Tuesday, February 9, 2016

We all play a part....

When the email came out about what the topic was for the post, I had to take a minute to think. It wasn't hard to find someone at my school that I wanted to write about, but narrowing down to just one was difficult. It truly takes a village to raise a child and that applies at school as well. From the lunchroom workers to the custodians, to the classroom teachers and administration...investing in the lives of all our students is why we do what we do on a daily basis. I'm a special education teacher, I have the honor and privilege of working with several teachers throughout the day. I love sometimes just sitting in their classrooms and watching them come alive teaching a lesson whether it's about writing or division.

This year at our school we have been able to have an Instructional Partner for the first time. Some of you are reading that and thinking, but I thought every school had one of those. Well this is only our second year in existence. So it takes time to lay a foundation in which to build upon. Last year our Instructional Partner was a classroom teacher. She taught 4th grade Math and Science and her classroom was one that I loved getting to spend some time in. The students were engaged in whole group and in small groups throughout the day. Engaged students +Fun =Learning all day. Most of all these students left her classroom every day knowing they were loved. They knew that Mrs. Crippen cared about them as a person as well as pushing them to do their best academically. This year even though Mrs. Crippen has transitioned from being a classroom teacher to being a teacher's teacher. She analyzes data, looks for ways to help all of our students improve, shares resources with teachers and students, and works to help establish a new school's climate. In addition her helping spirit comes through because if she can, she will do it for you. I've watched her hold students accountable for behavior in the hallway and at the same time watched former students and others stop to check in with her throughout the day. She continues to make time for students that she may have previously had that just need an extra person to remind them they can do it during the day. She has also taken on a role of listener this year as teachers find her classroom a place where they can go and not vent or complain, but talk out the struggles that may be going on in the classroom.

I know the transition may not have been easy, it's hard sometimes to learn a new position, but Mrs. Crippen has done it with class. I still learn from her wisdom every day as I watch her with students and when I find myself in her room going, how can I help this student. Thank you Mrs. Crippen for impacting students and teachers on a daily basis at Moores Mill Intermediate.

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  1. Wow... what a moving post. Mrs. Crippen is an amazing educator! I am sorry that I did not comment on this earlier. I am grateful you took the time to reflect and share.
    Hoping we see more from you soon. We need your talents as part of the #compelledtribe! Let me know what you publish next!