Monday, July 23, 2012

A little bit of everything

So I have about four weeks until school "officially" starts back. That means getting the classroom in order, finishing up all of those things I wanted to do/make/get ready over the summer, and anything else that I find time to do. So here is to trying to at least clear out all of my new sites still to post. Then I can update finally on all of the sites, I have found over the summer ;-). My hope/goal is that you find something you can take back and use this school year. Enjoy whatever time you have left and let's have left and let's have the best school year yet!
Blog with where to find a lot of free goodies!

The sample activities are worth the visit(especially the math ones).

Walks you through how to make sure you are selecting quality apps and what their purpose is

K-2 Teachers, printables galore!

I haven't checked out every link, but this looked like a great resource.

Loved the calendar time ideas in this blog for Kindergarten teachers or self contained special education teachers.

Again have not checked out every link, but the list looks very promising...2nd and 3rd may want to check it out as well for the manipulatives

Power points for just about everything!

Lots of resources, make sure to check on the web collection for curriculum based resources as well.

If you are a Kindergarten teacher, this is a site you want to make sure to check out!

A wonderful resource I recently found(It is free for teachers). I have not even begun to look through everything this site has to offer yet.

If you are a special education teacher, I suggest you check out this site. They also have a facebook page you can follow as well. If you have an Ipad that you use with students(or your own children), this site will tell you when apps are on sale or even better for free.

Technology resources for websites, apps, and interactive resources.

Comprehensive list for various sites

Stay Tuned....I will catch up my list before school starts back ;-) I have to, I have so many more to share with you. Please share this site with others, I'd love to have more followers! Thanks! ~Melissa