Friday, January 31, 2014

Missing in Action....

Since I last posted I have changed jobs and moved classrooms all while celebrating two major holidays and fighting off more than one sinus thing. With that being said, I'm back!!! I have a stack of books I'm reading that I will blog and share about soon. I also have some new presentations for Simple K-12 in the works that I will share on here along with just some tips and tricks of integrating Common Core standards into the classroom using technology. I will also be adding some more about how to use technology to meet the needs of exceptional learners. So stay tuned, I know I've said it before, but 2014 has a lot in store.

I have moved all of my handouts that were previously on my school site to my Tech Treasure livebinder. The first two tabs for the live binder are the link to this blog and my Simple K-12 link.

Check it out here:
TechTreasures Live Binder (

Follow me on Twitter, I'm going to EdCampMadisonAL tomorrow and will be sure to share a lot of new things throughout the day. @mnmann

Thank you to those that read the blog and allow me to share everything I've learned. I appreciate you listening and reading more than you know!

Make a Difference in 2014!