Monday, May 16, 2016

Why I do what I do....

I'm catching up on some #CompelledTribe posts. Okay I have missed posting on here for the last three months and am trying to at least post for May.

Two years ago I saw the You Matter message on Twitter and immediately thought of how amazing this would be for teachers and students. That following summer I was fortunate to meet Angelia Maiers at ISTE14. Hearing her in person tell about her vision, her passion, and her You Matter message was inspirational. This has been a message I have made a point to have in my classroom over the last two years. It's a message that I have had students read when they were frustrated or down on themselves. It's a message that I have watched impact students they learn that they not only matter, but that they can make a difference (and that they are more than a number).

I went into teaching because of the teachers I had in school. I was blessed with teachers who I knew loved being there, who were there to not only instruct in academics but in everything else that was needed. I wanted to be that kind of a teacher when I grew up to be a teacher. I wanted to not only make a difference but for the students I had to leave knowing that they mattered and could make a difference. Every year at the beginning of the school year and during Teacher Appreciation week I'm reminded of the teachers I had in school.

This year I've been inspired by several students. Students that never gave up even when the number on the test wasn't what they wanted. Students that continue to come to school with a smile on their face despite what is going on at their house. Students that help others, that lead others, and care more about others than themselves. Students that saw a need and created a plan to meet that need. I could write multiple blog posts about each of these. The ripple has been thrown out this year and the impact is continuing.

Social media has allowed me to stay connected to several of my teachers from elementary and high school. They get to continue to see what a difference their time is making as a former student pays it forward each and every day. This is why we do what we that the world will be a better place for those that come after us. Teaching is more than a job for me, it's a calling...I learned from early on what that meant as I saw that calling walked out day in and day out.


I haven't done a lot with the Celebrate Monday on Twitter this year and I've neglected this blog for a couple of months....That being said I'm in the reflective mode as the year winds down...and looking back on some reasons I had this year to #CelebrateMonday. (Also trying to get back to posting on here and catching up)

It's the last full week of school. It's the next to last Monday for us and summer is clearly in view. I've loved almost every minute of this year. There have been those that have exhausted me, worn me down at times, deadlines that stressed me, but there have been way more moments that made me smile. Moments where a student who never thought they would make their AR goal comes in with huge smiles to say they did. Moments where that student who doubted themselves at the beginning of the year is displaying confidence that you can see, she can see, and the data even shows growth! Moments where that parent says thank you for making a difference in my child this year. Moments where a colleague tells you they learned to do a new tech tool. There have been lots of moments to look back on this year with a smile. I'm not the same teacher I was when I started and it's hard to believe I'm finishing year 10 and will be watching my first student graduate next week.

Depending on when you finish out the school year, tomorrow may be one of the last couple of Mondays with your students. What can you do to change their day? How can you make a difference in their Monday that will impact their Tuesday in a positive way? Monday is the rock thrown in the pond...what kind of ripple will it create when it reaches the end? The choice is yours...Let's #CelebrateMonday and celebrate our students. After all...they are why we do what we do each and every day.