Saturday, February 6, 2016

EdCamp Take-aways

It was hard getting up this morning early, but EdCamp is always a fun day of learning. If you have never attended an EdCamp, I encourage you to do so. It's an unconference that runs on the power of 2 Feet. In other words if you find yourselves in a session that isn't meet the needs of you the educator, go find another one. Some of the best learning is just sitting down and talking with other educators at what is going on at their schools, how are they are integrating technology etc. A day spent with some of my PLN will always remind me that I have a voice (even if I didn't present today ;-)) 

Here are some of my take-aways from today:


This is a website geared towards K-4 with reading passages and activities, but it also has several interventions on the site such as read aloud etc. I'm excited to try this out with a couple of students and share it with my teachers. 

This was the first resource I learned about today at EdCamp. I seriously could have gone home after learning about this one and been content. This is a site that has a library of videos that have assignments integrated throughout. It's a great find for teachers wanting to do more with a flipped classroom. 

I love Twitter chats and learning from other educators so this resource made me excited. I'm going to try it out this coming week with ALedchat. 

4. One other thought that I took away today was from a session on Digital Portfolios. I had never looked at using the concept of these portfolios to teach digital citizenship and branding. Can students tell you who they are in 3-5 words? Do they know about their digital footprint and the impact it is making (or not making)? Have they ever googled themselves ? 

Thank you to the EdCamp Madison AL staff who always put on a wonderful event that brings educators together. (and there is always cake at EdCamp)

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