Saturday, September 29, 2012

I-pad sites

Here are just a few I-pad resource sites that I have found that were useful. I have more that I will share soon. As always if you are looking for a particular app or need help with something, just comment and I will do my best to help you find your answer.

List of 40 apps dealing with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math
List of 50 different tutorials for Ipad use in the classroom, great resource!
List of 107 Favorite Ipad apps divided by category/subject
How to set up the ipads and some starting off basics to teach the kids
Another site with a list of free and paid for apps by subject/category
Great article with lists of apps according to Bloom's taxonomy
I love the I can statements for the Ipad that this teacher uses.
List of special ed apps divided by category etc.
One more link to check out
I will be adding a non-picture list in the next couple of weeks.
Stay tuned more updates to come this week! I'm almost caught up ;-)

Monday, September 24, 2012

Common Core Resources

This is just a sampling of the common core resources I have found. I'll post more after I get caught up with a few more posts, but for now enjoy what I've found. Comment if you need something else or are looking for a particular resource...I love to hunt ;-)

One version of Kid friendly standards which may help parents to understand what the common core is targeting.
Another version of Kid friendly standards for Language Arts and Math. These take the standards and reword them  into I can statements.
Math common core resources divided by grade level and standard.
Love this resource! Has lessons and activities already uploaded for various standards
Activities, lessons, and ideas for grades K-3 English Language Arts and Math Common Core standards
There was a blog post(see screen shot above) on August 14, 2012 that was titled 8 Tech Tools for Common Core. When working on this blog post, I couldn't get their blog to load. Hopefully it was just a glitch tonight, so try it later. The post was really good.
Link for their curriculum is up at the top to search for lesson plans etc.
Scroll down to a link for free interactive and web 2.0 resources. The post goes through how to sign up for a free account to Classroom connect in order to have access to these activities and lesson. She is constantly updating, but not every standard for every grade has something yet(last time I looked). Take a look though, she may have what you are looking for! Great resource;-)
Common core ideas, make sure to check out more recent posts
Hope this gives you something to get started! As I said, more resources to come as soon as I get caught up on a few posts. Stay Tuned! Comment if you are looking for something particular and I'll be on the look out.
Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pinterest Link

Somehow my Follow me on Pinterest link disappeared, so until I figure out how to upload it again here is the link to my page:

I have SEVERAL boards, so check it out!!

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Leader in Me resources

These are just a sample of sites I've found thus far, I have a lot more on Pinterest and will add later. Leader in Me is a book based on schools implementation of Stephen Covey's 7 Habits.

Power Points for the 7 Habits
First grade printables for the 7 Habits(applicable for other grade levels)
You tube video on how to introduce the 7 Habits
How a first grade teacher implements the 7 Habits
How Oak Grove school implements the 7 Habits/Leader in Me
Another example of a Leader in Me School.....has several examples of decorations
Wiki with information for Habit 1
Another example of a school implementing Leader in Me....loved the resources on this page. Lots of pictures of around the school....
More Leader in Me sites to come after I finish updating what I have screen shots of already. Next post to come is on Common Core resources. Look for it later this week.
Until next time

Monday, September 17, 2012

Blogs I like....

Well I didn't make the goal I originally set. This last month has been crazy and almost chaotic. I apologize, but I will post several sites tonight and work on getting this updated. Thank you for patience and please share this with others. So here goes with the first post tonight.

Blog with links for various freebies!
Another blog with links to free resources from a variety of teachers.
Blog from Laura Candler with resources for all subjects
One of my favorite new blogs with various links of wonderful new resources.
Math resources check it out!!
Great blog for lower elementary resources
Blog for 4th and 5th grade Smartboard/Interactive resources
Love her freebie for use with Ipads in the classroom
Blog full of information, one of my favorite parts is a list of various blogs divided by grade level.
More blog posts to come soon ;-)
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Friday, August 10, 2012

Interactive White board(IWB) games

Okay...I've set myself a goal to finish uploading sites between now and this coming Wednesday. I will catch up, so look out for many new sites!!

Lessons to use with Smart Notebook

Games for PK-3 to use with Smart Notebook

These interactive games will work with any interactive white board system(Smart, Promethean, Interwrite, E-beam).

Interactive Math games for all white board systems

IWB centers and others

Most of these will work on other boards besides just Smartboard

Says Smartboard, but games work on other interactive systems.

More to come!!
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Monday, July 23, 2012

A little bit of everything

So I have about four weeks until school "officially" starts back. That means getting the classroom in order, finishing up all of those things I wanted to do/make/get ready over the summer, and anything else that I find time to do. So here is to trying to at least clear out all of my new sites still to post. Then I can update finally on all of the sites, I have found over the summer ;-). My hope/goal is that you find something you can take back and use this school year. Enjoy whatever time you have left and let's have left and let's have the best school year yet!
Blog with where to find a lot of free goodies!

The sample activities are worth the visit(especially the math ones).

Walks you through how to make sure you are selecting quality apps and what their purpose is

K-2 Teachers, printables galore!

I haven't checked out every link, but this looked like a great resource.

Loved the calendar time ideas in this blog for Kindergarten teachers or self contained special education teachers.

Again have not checked out every link, but the list looks very promising...2nd and 3rd may want to check it out as well for the manipulatives

Power points for just about everything!

Lots of resources, make sure to check on the web collection for curriculum based resources as well.

If you are a Kindergarten teacher, this is a site you want to make sure to check out!

A wonderful resource I recently found(It is free for teachers). I have not even begun to look through everything this site has to offer yet.

If you are a special education teacher, I suggest you check out this site. They also have a facebook page you can follow as well. If you have an Ipad that you use with students(or your own children), this site will tell you when apps are on sale or even better for free.

Technology resources for websites, apps, and interactive resources.

Comprehensive list for various sites

Stay Tuned....I will catch up my list before school starts back ;-) I have to, I have so many more to share with you. Please share this site with others, I'd love to have more followers! Thanks! ~Melissa