Monday, February 11, 2013

More to come....

Yay!! I have finally caught up with all of the sites I have previously found and been trying to post for awhile. Now to go through pinterest, webinar notes etc. to find more sites to share! Look for more posts in the next couple of weeks. Until then, check out my Pinterest page or simple K-12!! Good things are happening :-) I'm also in the process of working on some handout type materials(app list), site form etc. and will be putting everything on a Live Binder or a Google Doc which I will share when ready. If you have concept/skill that you are looking for a site or an app for, let me know and I will work on trying to find.
Have a great week!!

Special Ed Sites

List of various Autism blogs(all links have not been checked out, but this looked like a good resource)

One of my FAVORITE special ed resources! Best thing about this is that it runs off of a flash drive, so no need for a tech person to "install". Has resources to help students that may need visual or auditory support

Sample of some visual cards to help with students who may need help with this

My favorite site, follow on facebook and it is how I find out about apps for sale or "free" for a certain time.

Free download to help students deal with Autism.

Variety of sites

Now to catch up on the sites I've saved already, so I can move on to all of the new ones ;-)

Great website with some practical tips for using Evernote in the classroom. If you are not using the Evernote app now for yourself, START! It is such a time saver in so many ways.
I found this site last summer off of Pinterest...I wish I could say I have looked at all of the resources, but I haven't. I have glanced through it and it looks like a wonderful resource.
Allows you to create handwriting worksheet for single words, multi-word, and paragraphs.
Great blog!!
Great site for introducing the elements of a story

A great visual of Bloom's
Great site with math games!

Go Math Resources ;-)

The resources on this page are endless!

Interactive White Board resources and the directions to import into other software ;-)

Great website with lots of Reading Comprehension resources!