Saturday, January 23, 2016

Love this book!

I ordered this book last summer, started it but didn't get deep into it until Christmas break. That was my mistake...this book is an easy read full of applications for teachers of all tech levels. I still remember my first EdCamp a couple of summers ago when I walked into a session on Twitter and my world opened up. I had been on Twitter for a year at that point, but within 45 minutes I started to see the power that 140 characters held. Power to connect with educators outside of my little word and power to share what I was learning with others.

There was a section in the chapter for Key Connector three that brought tears to my eyes. I know you are thinking why is a book on technology making you cry. When you read how you have been feeling in black and white, you know you are not alone(and not making it up!). There is a push on the inside that reminds you to stay focused when you see that others are walking this connected journey with you and together you are helping each other grow.

Thank you Todd Whitaker, Jimmy Casas, and Jeffery Zoul...this Connected Educator found inspiration, affirmation, and a push to keep sharing what I know with others in my PLN.

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  1. A great book at that! I have finally met all three in person this past February. Great edu's.
    And, I look forward to some more writing, SOON! (No pressure...=))