Sunday, January 10, 2016

Moving Forward

Ten days into the new year and five days at work....
This time last year I would probably have said I give up on any type of resolution (because usually at this point I had already had to restart more than once). This year however with using the three words, it's been different... It takes time to make changes and I'm being patient with myself and staying focused. 

I want to be focused this year so I can keep moving forward. At the end of the year I want to look back and know that I was faithful to give each and every day my all. These are my three words for the year..focus, forward, and faithful. 

There is a song that I heard at my friends' church early in 2015. The lyrics stuck with me as I started focusing on what I wanted to change in the new year. So many times as teachers we look at what didn't get finished, what may not have gone according to the plan, and what we could do differently. While reflecting on the day is a good practice, letting the moments of the day become something that weighs us down is not. It's good to reflect, but that reflect should propel us to make a difference and an impact in today. Find that one student that needs someone to tell them they make a difference and make it a goal this year to help them to see that they have a difference to play. You'll find yourself moving forward as you reach out to others. 

On days when I don't feel like I'm moving forward or maybe taking a pause at this go around the mountain, this song has become a mainstay. I have it on my iPod and also saved in my YouTube playlist. 

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