Wednesday, July 2, 2014

ISTE Recap

Oh my what an amazing conference ISTE was. It was my first time and honestly I did not know what to expect. Others had tried to tell me, but until you experience that many people (16,000+) in one area it is hard to put it into words. I am only beginning to reflect and process what I learned, what I want to do next, and goals. For too long I have let others write my goals and attempt to define who I was as an educator. This post will be my three main take aways from the conference and a few pictures ;-) I will share more of the tools I learned later. ISTE taught me that I have a voice and reminded me I matter. I learned that what I say and do is important to someone and they are watching/listening. The line of but I'm just a special education teacher is not valid. I think often times teachers do not feel like they have a voice so they keep to themselves when the truth is they have more to share than anyone realizes. Find your voice and share it. You have something to offer and what you say/do matters to more than you know.

1. Stay connected....If you do not have a PLN, find one. You will grow from them more than you realize. Last year was a rough year for me in the classroom. My PLN helped me find my voice, ignite a fire, and then reminded me of both when I wasn't sure. If you need help starting one, leave a comment or connect me with me on Twitter.

2. You have a voice and your students do as well. Empower them to find theirs and remind them how much they matter. (Give them tasks that matter and watch the seeds bloom).

3. Technology is a tool. Put it in the hands of students and let them create the masterpieces of tomorrow. Technology is just that a tool. It's not for playing games, but giving students an opportunity to create. Give students the what of a project and let them figure out the why and the how.

Do I have more take aways from ISTE, yes but they are not in words just yet. Below are a few pictures of some of my favorite moments at ISTE. I was incredibly blessed to be able to share in a BYOD session and help out in the Simple K-12 sessions with the other trainers. My teaching cup is full and I am determined more than ever to keep it that way. Share it out and then take time to put more back in keeps a cup full and a teacher healthy.
Thanks for letting me share!

Till next time ISTE! 

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