Saturday, June 21, 2014

Top Ten Part 3

My Go to #5 and #6 involve developing a PLN. If you had asked me last year what a PLN was I am not sure I would have been able to tell you. Fast forward a year and I not only know what a PLN is, but I learn something new from them daily(and most I have never met face to face). By the way...PLN is Professional Learning Network. I am on both of these sites daily! If you have any questions about either, leave me a comment or send me an email.

Tech Tool #5: Simple K-12
Oh where would I be without my blue bunny family. Simple K-12 offers webinars, resources, and a way of connecting with educators across the country! This was a valuable resource for me as Alabama started to implement the Common Core standards. It was beneficial to go and view some of the webinars from states that were already implementing the standards and to learn from what worked(and what didn't). Webinars and resources are shared for a range of topics! Sign up for a free account and have access to special days of learning. Sign up for a full account and have access to webinars on demand and all live webinars. 

Tech Tool #6: Twitter
Twitter has opened my world to a network of educators that I would never be connected with face to face. It allows me the opportunity to learn from others in a non traditional setting. Last summer I was still a Twitter newbie. I can now moderate a chat, and regularly participate in a couple of different chats. I am growing to love Twitter more and more each day. Connecting with my PLN via Twitter has lit a fire for me professionally on more than one occasion. 

Happy learning!

Twitter handle: @mnmann

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