Thursday, June 19, 2014

Top 10 Part 2

This post will have tools 3-4. If you follow me on Pinterest, I am slowly getting the boards organizing and adding more specific ones. So make sure and check out the new boards ;-)

Go to Tech Tool #3: Evernote.....I am really not sure who told me about Evernote first, but I do not know how I ever lived without this tool. Evernote is my go to app for note taking, list making, and basically my place if I want to remember something. I have it installed on my computer, on my phone, and my iPad. I only use the free version and pay attention to how much I can upload at certain times. I may one day upgrade, but for now free works. Last year I used Evernote with documentation in the classroom and portfolio type things. I hope to do even more of that this year(I am attending a session on this at ISTE ;-)). Evernote notebooks can be shared between people and it also syncs up with tool #4 which we will talk about it in a minute. I have really found it beneficial when at a workshop and I don't want to write down the slide the presenter is showing. I just take a quick picture with my camera and upload it to Evernote and take my notes there. Evernote also works with your email account(No more having to print out confirmations).

Link to Evernote site: Evernote

Tech Tool #4: Skitch....Skitch syncs up with your Evernote account. As a special education teacher, I found Skitch to be beneficial when making picture schedules and rule posters for various students. The student could take a picture with the iPad and then annotate on top of the picture what the rule or time of the day was. These pictures are also saved in an Evernote notebook, so inserting them in a document or printing is simple. Worksheets can also be completed via Skitch and emailed or saved to the camera roll. Below is a screen shot of a an example of a what could be completed using Skitch. 

Any questions feel free to leave a comment or follow me on Twitter. Part 3 will be this weekend and I will finish up with the last two posts in this series next week. Then I will share my two favorite new tools I learned about at AETC and then it is off to ISTE. Thanks for reading and following ;-) I'm making progress at this and trying to improve with each post. 

Keep making a difference in all you do and say! 

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