Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Top Ten List part 1

So I started out with thinking I only had a top five of go-to resources to share. I was wrong...the list quickly made it up to 10. So here is part 1 of my Top "Go-To" Tech Treasures. I will share two a day. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment. I will share a screen shot of the tool and how I use it on a regular basis(most daily).

Tool #1 Live Binder
I heard about this tool a couple of years ago and started using it regularly over the last month. It is basically an online way of organizing a "binder" of information. This is how I display my presentations for others to view later and provide links to important resources(Symbaloo's etc.). I also use it to share resources with others in our system(handouts from meetings etc.). It is very user friendly. Possible classroom uses: Student Portfolios, Teacher Handbooks, Important Papers(one link for parents to access everything(newsletters, calendars etc.)

Here is a link for a couple of tutorials: Live Binder Tutorials
Here is the link to the main site: http://www.livebinders.com/welcome/home
Here is a screen shot of what a live binder looks like:

Tech Tool #2 Symbaloo 
Again I heard about Symbaloo a couple of years ago, but finally started putting it to regular use a year ago. (If you haven't caught on yet, once I figure out where I can use the tool, I use it regularly...it's just putting into practice what I hear about that takes time).  Symbaloo is a great organization tool for all of your bookmarks. I have started making some for the webinars and presentations I conduct(no more having to thumb through a PowerPoint for a link). Teachers could use it in their classrooms to share websites with parents or in the lower grades to create an easy home page of favorites. 

Symbaloo Link: Symbaloo
Here is a screen shot of what a Symbaloo looks like(There is a tab on my LiveBinder of several of the Symbaloo's I have created). 

Thanks for reading today! I leave you with a quote from Teach Like a Pirate " Teaching is a job filled with frustrations, trials, and tests of your patience. Use your passion to soar over obstacles instead of crashing into them and burning out."  If you have not read this book I highly recommend it! Follow me on Twitter (@mnmann). I'll be back tomorrow with a post on my favorite "go-to" tech tools #3 and #4. 

Be Passionate about what you do and remember You matter! 

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