Thursday, July 4, 2013

The 1 I-pad classroom

The last couple of weeks have been crazy to say the least. Time to focus on some techy stuff for a couple of days, before I go out of town again ;-)

The 1 I-pad classroom is a webinar I have done for Simple K-12. So many teachers today are faced with budget restraints and most teachers are ecstatic just to have one. So what do you do with one though and 20+ students? Here are a couple of thoughts:

  • Center rotation: Teach the students the app you want for them to do before you put it in a center. Using a VGA adapter you can show your I-pad through your projector and teach the app whole class. Depending on your system's network, you may be able to do this through a different method than the VGA adapter, but ask your system IT people first. Once you have taught the app, you can then place the one I-pad in a center rotation and share with the kids what you expect.
  • Small Group or One on One Instruction: I am a special education teacher and the I-pad gives the flexibility to take the work anywhere that we may need to meet(be that in the hallway or in a classroom). Apps like Skitch and Doodle Buddy allow teachers to be mobile in location and still continue with learning. Both are free and Skitch requires a simple account set up through Evernote. Doodle Buddy requires that you use your camera roll. You can take a picture of something using home screen button and power button.
Other apps for the 1 I-pad classroom: Scan and Educreations

If you want more on the 1 I-pad classroom, check out the webinar or presentation on Simple K-12.

More still to come!

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