Wednesday, December 28, 2011

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Before anyone starts, yes I know there is a new ARMT coming out(at time of posting the new specs are not out yet), but check this resource out. It is very organized and I think once the new specs finally come out(or why you are waiting for them to...) you'll find that this can be a great teaching tool. Once you click on a specific grade level games, sites are organized based on concept and topic. I'm pretty sure you can make this work for ARMT +, just takes a little time and thinking outside of the box.
This site has resources for K-8. Click on your grade level on the left side and happy hunting! There are resources for all subject areas. I haven't checked out every link yet, but what I have found is very useful. Make sure you check out their Math resource page and check out the facts power points. (Power points already made for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division).
If you haven't already seen this site, you can thank me later....This is my favorite place to find worksheets. Another plus is that they are saved as a pdf file, so you can easily open in most interactive board software and have the students complete interactively.

My second favorite place to find worksheets especially for Kindergarten and 1st grade!

A great (FREE) bookmarking site......if you are already a member look me up, I'm on symbaloo with some K-6 links of my favorite sites.

Still more posts to come and more to find ...
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