Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Interactive treasures

I would say these two sites are some favorites, but really all of the sites I share are. The first deals with my new found teaching tool, the Ipad. It has lists of some apps divided by categories(preschool etc.). I will soon post my own list of apps that I am currently using in the classroom. I'll have the handout on my school site and a link on the blog as well.

The next site is WONDERFUL!! It has interactive tools, centers, and games for K-5. Ever wanted a set of fraction bars that you can use on the smartboard? This site has it! Check it out, I'm sure you will come to love it as well!

Stay tuned...I have at least five more new posts coming in the next week. Please share with your friends! I would love to have more followers. If you need a site for something, let me know ;-) I may have one already! Thanks for reading and have fun with these new sites!

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