Sunday, October 16, 2011

New sites

Here are few new sites:
We all love Lakeshore because of their products and classroom materials, but have you checked out their teacher corner's site? There is a project and activity section, a printable section, and a make your own section for flashcards, word searches, award makers, and writing practice.

Have you ever wanted a site that had links for every subject and area? Here it is. **Caution I have not checked every link on this site, but as you can see the links and lists are extensive and cover a wide range of topic, so there will be something that works! (There are links for all ages)

Here is a new site I have found with various links for themes and resources. Check out their student page, links, and resource page for lists of various web resources. Again I have not checked out every link, but most that I have work.

Until next time! Happy surfing and thanks for stopping by!  ...Next blog will be on teacher tools~ Melissa

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