Thursday, October 6, 2011

Free Apps from Lakeshore!

Look for several new posts in the next couple of days, but first.......

There are three new apps available for Ipad and Iphone through LakeShore and they are free until December 30th. The above is a screen shot I took from my Ipad and then uploaded to my computer using dropbox(if you haven't installed drop box, it is time!! I will include information about that soon). They are offering the Beginning Sounds game, the Letter of the Day interactive, and Phonics Tic Toe free for Ipad and Iphone until December 30th. Whether you have Ipads or Ipod touches in the classroom or have one of these for personal use, these games are user friendly and worth the download.

LakeShore does offer an interactive resource line now. If you are not familiar with the technology resources they offer check out their website. The games are reasonably priced and work well with all interactive boards.

Here is a link to their technology section
Lake Shore Technology Section

Topics to come: Seasonal Links, A site with various sites for all topic areas, and information on dropbox! If you are looking for something, let me know I may know of a site, if not I'll find one!

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