Saturday, August 12, 2017


We just finished our first full week with the students. Teachers have been back since the last week of July officially. This year has started off at full speed and to say I'm at the pace needed yet would be, well we all know it takes a month or so to get into a routine where you feel productive and have balance again. The picture above was from our Institute speaker (Mansfield Key, III). He issued several challenges that day, but this is the one that stuck with me, Someone's Destiny is tied to our assignment. What we do each and every day makes a difference in the lives of more than we realize. It's not always about what we can see in the moment that makes the difference. Sometimes we are the ones that plant the seed, sometimes we may be the one that waters it, but in the end, growth is what matters. Some of our students may simply be searching for that person that be that voice every day saying, you can do this. So many times we let our focus at the beginning of the year be numbers driven and paperwork focused. While those both have a role, the destiny decision is in taking that moment to listen when a student says hey can I talk to you. The destiny decision is made in taking that moment to be that smile for a student. The destiny decision is also in being patient with yourself and taking care of the most valuable resource that those students, the teacher. So many times we pour so much into what we do, that we forget to pour into who we are (which in turn fuels what we do even more). This year give your students all of you, that 110% because the difference being made is tied to someone's destiny, but also take the time to give to yourself too. 

Another challenge offered this year was to be bold. Boldness for one may not mean the same as boldness for another. Maybe bold for you is taking that class to better your educational leadership skills, maybe it is learning how to use that tech tool that has always seemed to scare you, or maybe it is using your voice and telling your story. Growth happens out of our comfort zones. Growth happens when we realize maybe it's that extra push that is what we need to climb the next mountain. Boldness happens when we step outside of our comfort zones and shine. Be bold in what you do, bold for the students that you will see each day, bold for you as a professional who has so much to share, and bold for your community, your reach, that needs the spark you have on the inside of you. 

You have a story to share, so share with care! The world needs your contribution as Angelia Maiers always says, so add something to where you are planted at. 
Be amazing this year readers! 

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