Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Teacher Truths...

I'm committed to posting more on this blog. It may be a techie treasure or it may just be a teacher treasure. Tonight are some teacher truths. I started my 10th year today. It's hard to believe, because I remember my first day ever like it was yesterday. I was at New Teacher Orientation yesterday and the excitement in their faces told it all. They were still energetic, focused, and ready to make a difference. That should be all of us every day we are with our students or even with our colleagues. There will always be days that make us want to cry, days that make us want to scream, and days that make us question why did I go into this. There will also be days that make us smile, days that make us cry happy tears, and days that make us go this is why I love what I do. Those are the moments that should drive our day. Those are the moments when we lay our head on our pillow at night and think back over the day that we should remember.

Over the last couple of years I have learned that it is easy to get discouraged in the field of education. We are constantly dealing with multiple things that pull at our attention, our focus, and our heart. These things can weigh us down if we are trying to do carry them on our own. As teachers we are life long learners(or at least we should be). PD sessions fill some of our days throughout the year. The type of PD can add to our day and encouragement bank or subtract from it. Meaningful PD is something that can help you grow as a teacher and a learner. I have learned if you are feeling like your encouragement bank may be empty, find a professional book to read, join a Twitter chat, connect with other educators...reach out of your box. A PLN is an assets to have and crucial to keeping the teacher fire lit. A PLN keeps you from feeling like an island and part of something bigger. Ideas, suggestions, and advice from outside of your teaching circle is always helpful. Teacher truth: We were never meant to go at it alone....collaboration is essential. Sometimes you just need someone to say you can do it or have you thought of this. A connected educator is one that has a power source to connect into when they start to feel like their battery is low. A connected educator has a source to tap into for information, ideas, and resources. Connect within your school, but also take the time this year to reach out and connect outside of your school or maybe even your school system.. Connecting with each other as we learn together allows us all to become better teachers and in turn make an impact with our students.

Have a great year!

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