Sunday, February 23, 2014

Rigor and Special Needs Students

Reading this for an upcoming webinar and presentation....

This book is a short read and FULL of information. So far it has been practical and easy to apply. Black line masters are included so that the strategies shared can be implemented in the classroom. As I work on the presentation, I'm also working on a couple of tools that can be used with the strategies to increase rigor with special needs students. The two I'm focusing on right now are Padlet and Skitch, so stay tuned! 

Quotes from the book thus far: 
  • "Having high expectations starts with the recognition that every student possesses the potential to succeed at his or her individual level. " 
  • "Consider rewards from the students' points of view. Some students respond to public praise; others prefer to be rewarded privately." 
  • " Instead of running to the rescue of students who can succeed without us or even refusing to help such students, it is important to find ways to teach students to gain independence in their problem solving." 
Stay tuned! More to come I promise ;-)
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