Monday, February 11, 2013

Variety of sites

Now to catch up on the sites I've saved already, so I can move on to all of the new ones ;-)

Great website with some practical tips for using Evernote in the classroom. If you are not using the Evernote app now for yourself, START! It is such a time saver in so many ways.
I found this site last summer off of Pinterest...I wish I could say I have looked at all of the resources, but I haven't. I have glanced through it and it looks like a wonderful resource.
Allows you to create handwriting worksheet for single words, multi-word, and paragraphs.
Great blog!!
Great site for introducing the elements of a story

A great visual of Bloom's
Great site with math games!

Go Math Resources ;-)

The resources on this page are endless!

Interactive White Board resources and the directions to import into other software ;-)

Great website with lots of Reading Comprehension resources!  

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